Spring Elite Hoops


This is an elite basketball program for players who are serious about improving their basketball skills.

This year, the program will focus on the middle school age group (boys and girls currently in grades 6-9).


The Coaching Staff will feature experienced and trained basketball coaches from The Revolution’s Youth Basketball programs, who are proponents of player development, encouraging decision-making and risk-taking as part of the learning process.


We are so excited that this year's Spring Elite Hoops program will feature a 3x3 basketball component.

3x3 basketball is quickly becoming a key motor for the development of basketball. FIBA currently offers World Championships in 3x3, and this fast-paced game will be added to the Olympic Games in the future. 

The Revolution Basketball Club follows the recommendations of Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development plan, and believes in a philosophy of player development, which the 3x3 game encourages.





WHAT: Each week will feature skill development games and drills and 3x3 games.


WHEN: TBA *Due to COVID-19, we will not be offering Spring Elite Hoops in 2021*


WHERE: Westview Secondary School 


WHO: Space is limited to boys and girls currently in grades 6-9.



*The cost of this six week elite basketball experience is $175.00 + GST.


*Players will receive a basketball jersey.

*Players will receive a skill evaluation upon completion of the program.

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