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Fall Training Academy 


We are very excited to introduce our Revolution Fall Training Academy, for elite players who are determined to improve their basketball skills, enhance their basketball IQ and develop their overall game, in preparation for the upcoming basketball season.


The Revolution Basketball Club's Fall Training Academy will feature intense workouts involving a comprehensive approach to individual skill development and training, including the principles of biomechanics and movements related to basketball.


The planned curriculum is designed to enhance the athletes' leadership qualities and in-game decision-making abilities. The program will create the proper balance between technical skill development, extensive positional work and decision-making practice with guided and live defence. 

Small group training sessions will create an optimal environment for learning, with activities that present exciting and reasonable challenges to the athletes, while allowing for numerous repetitions and the integration of advanced skills, in order to achieve success. 

DATES:        September 13 - October 18 2024

TIME:          6:00-8:00pm

LOCATION:  Westview Secondary 

COST:         $250.00 + GST








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